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One80 Light


Full 180 degree illumination Wide and full light without the narrowing beam
20 LED’s  Powerful and bright – 360 lumens
Steady illumination  Solid, bright and consistent illumination. No bounce effect
Interchangeable components  Switch, swapout and keep backups on hand
Chargeable micro USB  Recharge anywhere you charge your phone
Flexible  Bends and flexes for comfort and fit
Ultra lightweight  94 grams – So light you may forget you’re wearing it
Constant power  100% light from start until stop – No dimming effect


20 LED’s

Strong, clean and clear peripheral sight. Most headlamps have 1 or 2 LEDs. If they’re super powerful you may see 4 or 5. The ONE8Ø Lights’ 20 LEDs wrap the front half of your head or waist to ensure you don’t lose any of your peripheral vision. You can rely on the natural movement of your eyes to see and experience everything around you.


Steady Illumination

Whether you’re running up a trail through the trees or rappelling down a canyon wall the ONE8Ø Light will give a steady and even light source. You no longer have to worry about the bouncing beam of light that jolts around and shakes with every head and body movement. Experience steady Illumination no matter how active you are.


Interchangeable Components

New possibilities open up with interchangeable parts. Quickly and easily trade out with a backup battery. Remove the LED illumination band and the battery pack from your Halo or Trek and light up your tent. Regardless of how you use your ONE8Ø Light, it will likely get dirty. Simply remove the illumination band and battery pack to machine or hand wash your headband and/or belt.



Quick and convenient, the micro USB charging cable makes the ONE80 ready when you are. Recharge the battery with an outlet, your computer or solar panel. Each 1800mA battery pack gives you 3hrs of battery life.



The ONE8Ø Light fits comfortably to the contour of your head and waist. There are no protruding plastic pieces or parts that stick out from your body. The lightweight and flexible fit makes wearing it hardly noticeable.


Ultra Lightweight

At only 94 grams you’ll forget you’re wearing anything. Even the battery packs are extremely light weight. Pack along a few extras at only 43 grams each. Built and designed for an active, minimalist lifestyle.


Constant Power

Unlike a AA or AAA battery powered light that begins dim shortly after turning on, the ONE8Ø lithium battery pack gives you the same constant power from full charge to no charge. That way you can reliably count on a full capacity light source for the entire charge of each battery.


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