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One80 Light FAQ

Q: Where can I get info on charging, battery indicator light, care, etc?
A: Download User Manual of Instruction below

User Manual of Instruction

Download File

Q: What makes the ONE8Ø Halo headlamp & Trek beltlamp different?
A: The ONE8Ø Light gives a full and steady 180° of illumination. Traditional headlamps are limited to tunnel vision.

Q: How long is the battery life?
​A: Each super light 1800mA battery pack gives you up to 3 hrs on high and 7+ hours low.

Q: What’s the throw of the light?
A: Throw is around 50ft.

Q: How to charge the battery pack?
A: Charge with any standard micro USB charger just as you would a cell phone.  Recharge it with an outlet, your computer or solar panel. The battery pack is not set up to be able to charge a phone.

Q: How long does it takes for the battery to be fully charged?
A: It only takes 2 hours with 1amp charger for the battery to be fully charged.

Q: How much does the battery pack weigh?
A: Battery pack weighs 1.5 oz.

Q: How much does ONE8Ø Halo headlamp weigh?
A: The ONE8Ø Halo headlamp weighs only 3.3 oz, that’s with a the battery pack.

Q: How are these LEDs with getting light into your eyes? Is there issues with regards to “night-blindness”?
A: Like many lights, this light can be annoying to those around you in the dark.

Q: How many brightness setting are there?
A: There are two brightness settings –
High = up to 3 hrs battery life
Low = 7+ hrs battery life

Q: Are the Halo Headband and Trek Belt adjustable?
A: Yes. Halo Headlamp (19″-25″) and Trek Beltlamp (26″-40″) are adjustable.

Q: Is the light waterproof?
A: LED illumination band is waterproof. Battery pack is water resistant because of areas like the connection point specifically. In testing this, we submerged the entire headlamp in a bucket of water with the light on. It stayed on for about five minutes. We took it out and put the battery a side to dry. The battery continued to work for about an hour after, then died. The light was perfectly fine. The battery handled better than expected for being water resistant, but is not waterproof. Lighter conditions such as rain will handle fine.

Q: How to clean the headband and belt?
A: Remove the LED illumination band and the battery pack from your Halo Headband or Trek Belt. Then, machine or hand wash your headband and/or belt.

Q: How to set up each lamps?
A: Simply connect the LED Illumination Band to your Battery and Halo Headband or Trek Belt. Adjust accordingly to fit to your head or waist. Turn on and off by pressing the button on the battery.

Q: Can I use my Halo Headlamp’s LED Illumination band and battery for my Trek Belt?
A: Yes. ONE8Ø Light has a special feature of interchangeable components. You can use the same battery pack or LED Illumination band on either Halo Headlamp or Trek Beltlamp.

Q: I am from outside the United States. Is there an adapter for different international plugs?
A: Our products comes with a standard USB to Micro USB. Thus, can be used with any international USB charger, such as a wall outlet cell phone charger.

Q: What’s included in a complete product set?
A: The ONE8Ø Light complete product set comes with one battery, an LED Illumination band and a Headband.
or the following bundle options:
Halo X – Halo Headlamp + extra battery (2 total)
Trek – Halo Headlamp + Trek belt
Trek X – Halo Headlamp + Trek belt and extra battery (2 total)
Helmet – Halo Headlamp + Helmet headband
Helmet X – Halo Headlamp + Helmet headband and extra battery (2 total)

Q: Will you be adding a red light or green light options or waterproofing to future versions?
A: We are currently in the process of developing a new version that will incorporate both red and green light options and waterproofing. This is not expected to be ready until 2018.