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Log Book Servicing

Regularly taking care of your car is necessary for it’s longevity and your peace of mind. We specialize in log book servicing and making sure your vehicle operates as per the manufacturers specifications.


Cars can behave unexpectedly at times. Don’t have time to troubleshoot them yourself? We are equipped with diagnostic tools and knowledge to help you resolve your automotive issues.

Online Store of Products

Have a look at our online shop of automotive products! We stock high quality engine oils, common servicing components and we ship to anywhere in Australia.

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ONE80 Light

The most versatile headlamp.
Ready to illuminate any adventure.


The ONE80 solves tunnel vision by providing enough light to simulate daylight. The 180 degree light allows you to naturally use your eyes the way you use them during the day, with your peripheries. This eliminates the need to precariously turn your head to see, and opens you to a full peripheral perspective in the dark.





AMS aim to provide customers with reliable and affordable vehicle maintainence

RWC inspections

Just purchased a vehicle? Selling a vehicle? Come in for a RWC inspection prior to selling so you know exactly what is required before putting it on the market or purchasing. You will have the upper hand in negotiating rather then just blindly assuming.

Logbook servicing

Keeping your car within manufacturer specifications is crucial for your vehicles life, we aim to provide our customers with a assurance that we are looking after their vehicle. Misplaced your logbooks? Here at AMS we are well equipped with all vehicle manufacturer service specifications.

Pre purchase inspections

Have you ever purchased a vehicle and had problems arise? Getting a pre-purchase inspection can be extremely beneficial for a fraction of repair cost. Don’t risk spending thousands of dollars on a car with problems when you can have it checked prior.

All makes and models

We specialise in all makes and models, please contact us for a quote today!

Sell parts & oil

We strive to help our customers in any way possible, hence why we will be selling our range of servicing oil that we trust and use here at AMS.

Minor & major servicing

Whether it’s a minor or major service, we have you covered!